What IT Services Should You Outsource?3 min read

Every successful small business owner reaches a point when they need to tap others’ talents. When it comes to IT, depending on your skillset, that point could come pretty soon. Yes, there are IT services you can do in-house, but there are others that are beneficial to outsource.

When you started, you might have been dealing with one computer in your home office. As the business grows, so will your IT footprint. Eventually, it could make more sense to outsource your IT infrastructure. Managing your own hardware could prove too costly and time consuming. In particular, a cloud service provider allows you take advantage of economies of scale.

There are umpteen options for outsourcing your cloud computing. Once you settle on the provider, someone else can manage updates, handle backups, and track security.

Even if you keep your hardware infrastructure on-site, you can outsource its management, as it can grow too complicated for you to handle alone. Bring in an IT expert to source, manage, and troubleshoot your hardware. You can return your focus to other business areas that better suit your skills.

Other IT areas to outsource

If your business sells to customers online, you might outsource your e-commerce. There are many excellent e-commerce operators out there. They focus on ensuring your customers are always able to shop and buy from a secure online shop. You don’t want to risk losing sales because you’re trying to manage e-commerce as well as all other areas of your business.

Security is another key area for IT outsourcing. Cybercriminals are not slowing down. In fact, security agencies from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom reported in February 2022 on the increasing threat of ransomware. One of their findings? No one is immune, no matter the size of their business.

As a single-computer shop, you could do automatic updates and change Wi-Fi passwords. But, as your operations grow, there are many more entry points to protect. Identifying vulnerabilities becomes more difficult, and you can’t spend all your time monitoring cybersecurity threat feeds. There’s other work to do, too.

Cybersecurity can’t be set and forgotten. Sometimes, updates can’t wait until the next one you have scheduled. You may need to react quickly to a major event or move proactively to identify whether you are at risk. Outsourcing to professionals who track new threats can help you avoid the worst. When updates are due, they can schedule them at the least disruptive time for your business. Plus, if there is an infected file or malware issue, you have someone on call to deal with that issue immediately. That can help cut costly downtime.

Outsource to IT experts

You may be brilliant at your business area, but that doesn’t mean you’re also skilled at IT. By outsourcing some IT services, you can gain peace of mind about your business tech reliability. Instead of trying to recruit and train your own IT people in a tight labor market, you can let the experts in. Then, you can get back to focusing your attention on the other core elements of your business.

Outsourcing IT can lower your tech costs, increase your productivity, and provide peace of mind. By turning to our experts, you can be more productive and enjoy a higher level of IT services.