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Backup Your Cloud Data

Doing Business in Microsoft 365? Backup Your Cloud Data

Many business tools are moving to the cloud. One popular option is Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365. This unified platform consolidates Excel, Word, and PowerPoint with collaboration and communication tools. Added apps and services help streamline operations, too. Simplifying your IT infrastructure can also cut costs and reduce duplication of effort. Still, when […]

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Remote worker utilizing tools

What Is SharePoint, and Why Use it?

Mobile, remote workforces still need tools to share and collaborate with one another. Business teams want to work together and get the job done efficiently. Microsoft SharePoint helps make that happen.

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A very clean and organized home office, great for remote working and digital collaboration

Remote Working with Microsoft 365

Working from home is a big change in an already tumultuous time. Yet there’s a bright side. The quarantine could be your opportunity to reinvent how you work — for the better.

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