Managed Cloud 5-Pack

By trusting your IT to us, we ensure that your systems are up-to-date, secure, and fully backed up. We can keep you competitive by allowing you to accomplish more than ever before.

Along with day to day IT management, monitoring, and support; we can assist your transition to paperless documents, setup remote working, and provide IT assistance. We will make sure your technology stack puts you in a position to succeed.

When doing business online, you have many options for available software and systems. You might turn to one solution to handle online meetings, another to drive collaboration, and yet another to manage your content and workflow. It can get confusing. Plus, when you are duplicating tools, IT spend can mushroom unnecessarily. With Microsoft 365 and supplementary software, Boximity aims to offer a single, all-in-one solution.

Boximity can help your small business by managing of 5 – 10 users on our Cloud Service Five Pack (5 users)

Each user gets the functionality listed below *Hardware is sold separate and additional users billed per seat*

Basic Package

Email, Communication, and Collaboration

Moving to the Cloud based Microsoft Exchange does away with on-premises email with all the same functionality and more. Plus, people can stay better organized with integrated notes, documents, and calendars.

We will setup Microsoft Teams so users can pop into meetings immediately within their Teams channels. They can easily start a phone or video meeting, and during the meeting, they can also share files and PowerPoints. Plus, integrating Outlook contacts and calendars helps efficiency and scheduling.

Your users are already relying on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. With Boximity’s Managed Microsoft 365 configuration, these files are easy to use and share online. Collaborate in a shared document, in real-time, with version control.

Backup storage

Your subscription includes 1 terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage. That’s equivalent to 6.5 million document pages (such as Office files, PDFs, and presentations). Plus, your workers can share, locate, and collaborate in SharePoint.

With your digital transformation and the transition to the cloud, the job has changed. Microsoft makes sure its users can continue to access SharePoint or Teams in the event of a disaster, but this doesn’t mean they are responsible for backing up your data – that’s your responsibility.

As do many cloud-based vendors, the company says you own and control your data. They ensure service availability, but you need to set up your own data backup in case of a hack, employee error, or failing to install a security patch. Boximity has plug and play solutions to make backups an easy and efficient process.

Cybersecurity & Patch Management

Today it is table stakes to offer secure messaging and multi-factor authentication. This comes standard with all our soltuions

Simplify your IT infrastructure with our Managed Cloud 5-Pack. Reduce software duplication, cut back on software licensing costs, and regain storage capacity.

All plans include proactive monitoring, patching, and updating your software. We keep your technology current and optimized. This includes your laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, some plans include your network and servers. We can also keep an eye on your firewalls, switches, and access points. That way, you can focus instead on other elements of your business.

Complete Package

Desktop Support

Downtime and business don’t mix, so Boximity will provide a reliable expert on call to troubleshoot and resolve any problems. Much of the time, you can also skip the delay of an on-site repair with rapid remote support available in just moments.

A large part of our service is fixing problems before they happen. While fixing things as they break isn’t the worst approach to IT management, it generally means you’re also suffering productivity losses, downtime and losing money by the second.

Our primary goal is to ensure these problems are avoided completely, through system monitoring and robust security measures. We’ll also make sure every important software update and security patch is applied immediately, closing breach points and keeping your business safe.

Corporate Technology Roadmap

As a business owner, it’s part of your job to be visionary and think big. Yet you don’t want to exceed your technology capacity. Demanding more of your IT than it can handle could lead to disastrous downtime. Instead, bring us in to consult on what is achievable and how to get there.

The phrase digital transformation is on everyone’s lips these days. You might want a digital workforce, optimized digital service, or improved business analytics. Yet you won’t get the full benefit of these initiatives if your business doesn’t have the IT framework.